okay so welcome for this book of Romans that we are teaching verse by verse and as we’ve heard we are in the Romans 57 now today is a very special day announcement happy birthday to me you know so I have a birthday so the gifts can be received after the message or even you bring the messages bring it on now I’m joking but we will have a little cake afterwards so feel free and we will enjoy it and Romans class 57 and we are finishing the chapter 14 and starting chapter 15 so let’s turn into Romans 15 and we will start there so dear God thank you for this time we can gather together I thank you Lord and we ask you then he will speak to us that you would show us your mind then you would reveal us your doctrine or teaching on specific topic this is what we need we need to be doctrinally taught to understand how you think about things because it doesn’t matter what we think but it matters what you think just teach us your viewpoint just revive your spirit in us and speak to us in Jesus name we pray amen so Roman saw 15 verse 1 now it says we then that are strong in faith ought to bear the infirmities or the weaknesses of the weak and not to please ourselves so strong there is a Greek word Greek word Dunamis and this week is a Dunamis it means those who have the power the strength and then those who don’t have it who are lacking it that’s the weakness basically the strong ones and the not strong ones and it says you that those strong ones in the faith should be there the weakness of those who don’t have the faith and it says and not to please ourselves this is very interesting because these groups we do teaching as we said you know in Romans 12 13 14 as we are speaking about the gifts that the gifts are for the body of Christ for believers for others we know that in the first Peter and I I mentioned this verse number of time first Peter 4 verse 10 it says as many as received the gift it means like all of us has received some spiritual gifts we should minister one to another so the point of the gift
is to minister one to another as it says
here not to please ourselves it’s not
for me the gift is not for me to build
me up myself
or to serve with the gift to myself
while I’m in the bathroom you know while
I shower and I start to speak with
well I’m pleasing
myself and I’m not ministering to
anybody is any interesting because many
people from this tongue movement they
say well we know we cannot practice it
in the church because Bible is clear
about this but we practice it at home
that’s a whole gift well there’s nothing
like home gift if you study the Bible
because the minister with the gift one
to another so this is very clear and not
to please ourselves in this in this
context the strong faith if somebody has
some strong conviction about something
we are to bear those who have a weak
conviction or weak faith it means you
may see people who are manifesting their
strong faith but they are stumbling
block to a weaker brother and it says
you know we should not behave this way
we should consider one another and verse
2 it says let every one of us please his
neighbor for his good to edification so
again it’s turning the viewpoint the
ministering of our gifts to one another
to the other
do you remember John 15 it says that we
should love one another it’s interesting
like people will say well or we could
put it this way do you have love do you
have love of God do I have it
well God fill me with your love I want
to have it but once we have it what is
it for you love one another again it’s
not to please ourselves oh I’m this big
love ball you know everybody can see it
if I’m shining you know like no you know
it’s it’s for others it’s interesting
you know how we have been gifted not to
become popular
but to serve one another and it says
here to edification – to build one
another first John 4:20 there it is very
famous verse about the loving God and
loving brothers it’s a it’s a big like
we can call it like test verse or the
verse which reveals our motives first
John 4:20 if a man say I love God and
hates his brother he is a liar very
strong words for he that doesn’t love
his brother whom he has seen how can he
love God whom he has not seen so
basically again the love is for the
brother for the body of Christ and there
it is revealed and it’s very amazing
because I can see in these like last
days how many people want to be so
independent from the church but what I
mean from the gathering of the Saints
let’s the church you know it’s the
building we know it it’s a gathering of
the Saints and the leadership of called
Shepherd poem indeed as Carlos pastor
teacher so so many people want to have
this spirit of Independence and what is
lacking is this spirit of submission and
then this is carried on and it’s
revealed also maybe in relationships you
know people don’t serve one to another
you know it’s all about me and myself
and how can somebody serve me what the
church can
give me no will it’s like you can come
to church and you can read their Britain
and find out what they can give you well
I would I would like to make a bulletin
for newcomers and there would be like
fill in blank what you can give to us
that would be something you know and I’m
not interesting like in them coming and
serving immediately but just to provoke
the thought and the mind you know
because this is why we come and of
course they come the Minister of them
but then it’s such a joy when you
discover your gift when you are being
used what God is using you for brothers
and sisters and you find your place in
the church this is what it means you
don’t want to be here from the pulpit
find your place in the church what is
your place and God will reveal this to
us with the believers with the body in
this family so this is amazingly
revealed how the gathering is important
and it’s for edification this Greek word
is ICO the male it means the building of
the house
the male domos house you know we have it
in a Slavic language dome almost DOMA or
you could oh man building the house you
know house is something when you gather
with the family well you eat when we
have fellowship there is a roof of
protection there is a window when you
can receive the vision you know there’s
a light coming in so it’s a place of
fellowship so this is the purpose that
we do not please ourselves with the gift
but the neighbor the other for the
purpose of building up this fellowship I
remember how many times I came to church
and it happens to me sometimes even in
these days
you know come and you know people say oh
so great to see you who’s there who’s
Oh me yeah I’m not really why you know
and then you feel important because you
are important the worst is when you are
like at this conference and you see
these like rows you know one another
like on the fourth row and somebody in
the first row looks at you and he said
hey great to see you and then you
realize you’re like looking at somebody
behind you and you were like that’s so
important but it’s all part of it it’s
fun you know isn’t it
it’s like it’s amazing you know but we
are being being built up in this true
fellowship it’s beautiful that the word
for building up is not connected with
the pride or puffing up or being lifted
up because that’s what Satan did in his
heart but this is about being built into
this house into this fellowship the
house of believers that’s what means to
build up and I like it this way and then
it says in verse 3 for even Christ
please not himself you know this is the
example Christ came and he did not use
his gifts his authority influence and
power to please himself and to build
himself up and make some position by
this year as it’s written the reproaches
of them that reproached you fell on me
so it what it means it means that he
took the blame you know this is the Old
Testament code
and it means their approaches were
falling on him but he took it on himself
you know taking the blame on himself not
as Adam who was blaming Eve in the
Genesis chapter 3 that was the first
Adam we have this Adamic nature example
Genesis 3 we have it here in verse 12
and the man said he’s speaking with God
the woman whom you gave to be with me
she is the cause of the problem God
comes to Adam and he says Adam where are
you Adam you have disobeyed adult you
have sinned Adam the fellowship has been
broken Adam I am calling him back Adam
what happened and Adam said God the
woman that you gave me is the problem I
think I think this is the most quoted
Bible verse by men who are married God
woman the ruler you gave me you know now
that’s a damning nature you know we live
in the godly relationships and we have
the different approach you know we can
take the blame and it’s speaking here
about this family in the church about
this gathering have you ever heard from
people who are leaving church in anger
and they say well I got hurt that’s why
I’m leaving you know what I’ll tell you
something you will get hurt in the
church you will I guarantee because I’m
there and I’ll take care of this not for
a purpose but sorry this is me it will
happen I approaches beforehand and if it
happens you can confront me I’ll
apologize again
I don’t do it intentionally but it may
happen and there
more than me there’s a lot of ass
sometimes the old Adam pops up you know
he should be dead I know but are we
always spirit-filled and is it the way
that we blame the church for these
occasions and you know I’m not I’m not
like now mocking these people because in
some cases they may have been like very
very badly hurt you know there may be
like really tragic cases but I don’t
think that this may be the cause or or
why should we need the church because if
you leave the church and we find another
one you know what will happen you will
get hurt again you will get hurt again
and then you can say well god the church
you gave me was the problem more than
you gave me the friend you get the job
you gave me is the problem the health
you know my visage is the problem
because I’m so ugly this why I cannot
get married or I’m so handsome so I also
can’t get married because I’m too picky
yeah people can make any anything out of
blaming Adamic nature god the church you
gave or God the church you did not give
me that’s the thing that’s why I’m
now let’s be spirit light and let’s take
the blame you know you can take the
blame is it easy it’s impossible it’s
impossible nobody wants to date the
blame everybody wants to look good but
as the old Adam what it says here Christ
did not please him south but rather what
did he do he took the reproach on him
south we have a first Adam then we have
a last Adam second
the new man the first atom cannot take
the blame
he’s the one who blames others the woman
you gave me the church you gave me ask
you can ask these people who love the
church’s they have like nobody now ask
them they are safe Oh God the church you
gave me hurt me and that’s why I don’t
go anywhere
why don’t you take the blame like a
Christ it’s amazing you know because it
deals with the issues of our heart and
as I said the first atom cannot do it we
have to be spirit filled we have to live
in a new man in a second atom in Christ
because Christ is the one who took the
reproaches so if we are in Christ if we
put on the new man then we can do it
then you can do it you can take the
blame and you know it’s bittersweet
taste when you take the blame because
you want to defend yourself but then you
obey and it becomes sweet it’s like
Isaiah when he ate the scroll it was a
bitter in his mouth but then it became
sweet it’s difficult to swallow it you
know sometimes this is difficult to
why should I do it by what’s the result
well maybe we don’t understand many
times we have these wise wise wise why
why it’s a bitter but then it becomes
sweet then you understand because then
we are in a sweet fellowship with God
and he can just take the blame I
remember somebody said some time ago
there was this old fashion preacher and
this is like real case I don’t remember
the names now I would have to search it
out but it happened that during his
there is this woman which came and she
brought young baby during the sermon and
she put it on his pulpit and she said
this is your illegitimate son and she
left and he took the baby and he
finished the message I need to care of
the baby and he was innocent he didn’t
use any excuses
he just took the blame and then after
some time the woman could not bear it
she came back and she revealed her true
that she was paid to do this and so on
and so on
and the ministry grew rapidly isn’t
amazing would you take the blame when
the ministry is at stake well god I’m
defending you I’m not doing this for
myself you know
taking the blame it’s not always easy
it’s never easy the old Adam cannot do
it old Adam cannot do it he has a limit
he has a boundaries but with God with
God we can lay down our life and be
blamed old Adam has a problem he wants
to be good that’s why so many people are
into good works program because old Adam
wants to look good God
you know why I have seen you look to
hear the truth
I’ll tell you because you got gave me
this woman so I’m innocent
the problem is you God and she that’s
what he is doing from the day one he
wants to look good instead of taking the
blame and saying yeah it’s my fault
that’s the other thing I’m sorry
I’m real sorry let’s deal with it God
will be pleased but not this game on
playing a good man and if you want to
look cool it’s fashion nowadays to be a
bad boy so be a bad boy and take the
blame be cool you click on the glasses
and say I did I take the blame if you’ve
got the character get some guts right
posture Stevens used to say so now I be
end up playing bad boys but we can we
can become a victim not many people
speak about new man when people speak
about Christianity they speak about this
good and bad you know they speak about
sin what sin have you done oh really
doesn’t that it’s not him who sinned
I’ve done nothing
it was the old Adam so why do you bring
up the same why I’m so interested in
doing good or how much I have sinned it
was the old man we are a new creation we
don’t do this and of course the weak
moments we fell into old man but our
identity is a new man second Adam the
new creation this is what we are
supposed to speak about because many
people want to try to teach the first
Adam good behavior Adam you shouldn’t
blame God
if not blind Eve and you should not sing
can you do otherwise because it’s not
about teaching good behavior
it’s about being born again the question
is have you been born again yes then you
are in God’s family then you have a new
name new identity new surname you have
been sealed by the Holy Spirit
you’ve been justified your name has been
written in the book in the in the lamb’s
book in heaven that’s amazing this is
what we live in the new man being born
again so new man you have to be born
into new man you cannot teach the old
man behave good and then it says here
verse 4 all these things are written for
our learning and we will speak about
this next class but let’s continue
further about this idea and thought
verse 5 now the god of patience grant
you to be like-minded one toward another
according to Christ Jesus verse 6 that
you may with one mind and one mouth
glorify God even the father of our Lord
Jesus Christ so you see this is this is
the result we started in Romans 14 don’t
judge the weak brother he is standing
and falling before God maybe he has
different ideas about eating meat and
not eating meat we spoke about some
people who eat fish on Friday but we
spoke that the meat does not command us
closer to God
neither is not problem for God it’s
actually weakness in Romans 14 to live
in these calendars and special days when
you don’t eat meat and so on it’s called
weak faith and then the strong faith or
strong brother
but the result here is with this
patience and bearing one another and
that’s what Duchamp said I like these
rap sessions and debates and discussions
searching together let’s search the
Scriptures because then it needs us it
says you to be like-minded one to one
that’s why pastor Stevens used to preach
and used to do this doctrine weekly
doctrine the booklets and you know some
people some people today I don’t how to
say it I’ve seen somebody who kind of
like used to be part of our church and
now he’s into this expositional teaching
and he says this is like the highest
thing of explaining the Bible we should
go verse by verse only not the topics
because then it can be avoiding certain
themes and so on
well that’s not completely true of
course we do exposition teaching we do
it right now
but above all we do topical teaching
doctrinal teaching because we have to
know the doctrine about wine for example
and we study it from left to right and
we learn the doctrine of wine and then
we are like minded then we have the same
thinking about one doctrine and that’s
why we teach topics and doctrinal
messages it’s very important if we want
to learn something we need to learn
doctrines doctrine weekly you know what
pastor Stevens knew far more than we do
and some people think well that day they
ate all the wisdom now they end up with
exposes expositional preaching normally
you know shame on you they they they
left everything they have learned and I
love exposition on teaching by the way
you know we’ve been teaching the last
two or three months expositionally only
because we go through the epistles but
what’s important in this not to lose the
doctrine and now we are again in the
topic of teaching on Sundays we teach
topics and doctrines it’s very important
we need to know the doctrine and by the
way every good exposed
teaching will lead you into doctrinal
and topical teaching because you will
come to word wine and you have to define
it and then you eat then you teach topic
so all this talk is just has no value so
it leads us into one mind that’s why we
have these reps or debates and it’s also
biblical think you remember how Jesus
was teaching in a purpose and the
disciples came and they said can you
explain it to us please have you noticed
that every parable later on it’s
explained it’s so beautiful people you
know people go and like what does it
mean like me let’s talk about it what it
means what let’s do a homegroup and
let’s talk about parables what it needs
well if you would read it you would find
out what it means because Jesus explains
it and this is it we sit down and we ask
what does it mean then we read further
and the scripture will explain us what’s
the topic and what’s the idea we search
together and when we come to difficult
topics we even pray and find out the
leading of the Holy Spirit very
important you know that’s why we pray
before every class we pray at homes or
in a trend when you are coming in a rush
why not but don’t close your eyes even
you’re driving a car that could be
dangerous so then it says we should be
like-minded one toward another and is it
amazing when you have a gathering church
and church is being well taught and they
have the same light on certain topic and
there’s such a joy there’s a new
division it’s so clear everybody
rejoices in it this is what God wants
and it says here and that you may with
one mind and one mouth glorify God the
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ you know
what what’s in mind comes out of mouth
that this unity then brings this worship
we glorify God god this is amazing
justification sanctification all these
doctrines or simple topic as we said
wine you know that then we have the same
mind and you know it’s there then we
glorify God I’ve been to church and they
had a they had the Last Supper I mean
the remembrance of Last Supper and what
they did it’s Egypt and what they did
they had the two lines of people and one
line of people came for the fermented
wine they were drinking usually the
older folks because they’ve learned it
and the younger generation they stood in
another line for grape juice fresh
unfermented wine over the unity is a
division already in the church during
the Lord’s Supper
come on and some people say well I will
eat fish on Friday and then our ah
they never fast that I can participate
in the Lord’s Supper there was a
division in the church already and you
know what I don’t blame the people shame
on the pulpit that they don’t tell you
the truth make it clear and you what
will happen yeah maybe one half of the
people will leave the church because
they will get offended and that’s what
it says in Luke 5 we mentioned this the
new wine all the wine skins cannot bear
the old Adam cannot bear it because he
will burst if you drink the fresh
doctrine the clear one unspotted with
the same the old are damned old wineskin
cannot bear it that’s right so that’s
why it’s impossible to lift Christianity
into old Adam that’s why it’s impossible
to forgive to somebody in the old Adam
because he he he
keeps it against them and he says God
and Dan and I will between the new wine
this is how we live this is what we need
and it brings you today this beautiful
unity is here and if we may glorify God
together it’s amazing that’s why we
that’s why we teach you know that’s why
many people because they get offended in
the old Adam they want to leave the
church and you know what they are like
Esau you know what Esau did you remember
he sold his birthright for the cottage
for the plate of food
they’re like Esau because I’ll tell you
one secret that they don’t they leave
the church and they never fasted they
never seek God’s guidance they are like
Esau you know they they they like the
food more than the will of God that’s
why it says here in in Romans 14 verse
17 the kingdom of God is not meat and
drink but righteousness peace and joy in
the Holy Spirit are you looking for the
joy and guiding of the Holy Spirit in
situations are they able to withstand
the food and fast at times and I know
for some people it’s a health issue or
other I don’t get into this you know
everybody knows before God and you can
do even different types of fast but some
people will not just do it because they
have the spirit of Esau they want to
play it for food this is very important
ask these people you know sometimes have
you fasted before making decision
don’t say no because then we have in
emotions because they got hurt because
they love food more than God
and they say they love God whom they
don’t see and they hate brother who they
CE o probably so convicting God just
keep us
oh these that we don’t live in the old
Adam because old Adam hates this it’s
better for him but we need to be in the
new man that we can receive the new wine
and then we have this unity
it’s a beautiful it’s a beautiful
so God teach us you know and I just pray
that God would teach us and that we
would have this same mind and we will
have a debate wrap after this class we
can speak about things search the
Scriptures together that we have this
unity on many topics so thank you for
listening for being with us
god bless you and next class we will
speak about the about verse for it’s
it’s special team things which were
written for our learning and for our
hope it’s beautiful and we were speak
about I know about what but maybe about
something listener is dying for their
faith what do you think you know just to
do the seed in even just to provoke us
you know we will see so god bless you in
Jesus name Amen
so please have a day
it’s no bake we didn’t have time to bake
but we bought something so please have a
cake and we can begin slowly oh and I’ll
get the coffee’s of


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