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ABOUT US - Hrišćanska Evanđeoska Protestantska (ne-denominacijska) Crkva Milosti Beograd / Greater Grace World Outreach church BELGRADE. Welcome. Who we are? What we believe? Preaching, teaching and serving unadulerated greater grace & Finished work message in walk of faith and work of love to and throught the living Body of Christ. We share Grace Message & Finished Work to all Serbia and beyond. Find your church today, the living Body of believers. Come to see us. is affiliated to (Greater Grace Church) and is a part of the 650+ local churches in 75 countries / 1000+ missionaries outside of the United States, actively serving worldwide on 5 continents and 3500+ Bible School students under training.

Our Pastor

Pastor Tomas Bulicek was born in Prague, Czech Republic, graduated from Prague Bible School with diploma in 1998 which was an extension school of MBC&S (Maryland Bible College & Seminary, Baltimore, USA). In 2001 went to Baltimore to study for one more year when he finished MBC&S with Bachelor’s degree in Theology, BBS (Bachelor of Biblical Studies), later on also received his full ordination. Shortly after his graduation God gave him beautiful & godly wife from Moravia, named Eva, and they both went to Croatia as pioneers in church planting where they served nearly for 2,5years. He himself as well as his wife took part in missionary trips to 4 continents. Pastor Tomas Bulicek has also served for 9+ years in Greater grace church in Prague as elder, assistant Pastor and head of mission department and evangelism and taught in Prague Bible School. During this period he consistently lead teams for mission trip to the Balkans, evangelizing in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and at the end of the summer 2016 he moved with his family to Serbia, Belgrade with a vision to evangelize and lead people to the LORD, to educate them in knowledge of the finished work and grace message, and to start a new church plant, Bible school, missionary training center and christian pre-school and elementary school.


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Church Address: / GGWO.RS, Sunday service at 10:30am, Kraljice Katarine 106, Banovo brdo, Beograd. Zarkovacka bus station line: 23, 53. Tel: +381 640.548.267, email: